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Public ratings of binary options trading brokers


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Nadex is one of the popular trading platforms used by people with a number of interesting functionalities and customizations that make it very flexible and easy to manage.

Nadex otherwise known as national American derivatives exchange is a popular trading platform. There are many different markets that people can trade in including stock indices, foreign exchange, commodities and economic events as well. The spot market is the underlying market for forex derivative and there is also a similar market for indices and commodities that is used most of the time. Being a member of this trading platform gives access to many options and a powerful DMA trading platform and people can place direct orders as well according to their needs. With multiple features for advanced trading it is a popular choice among those interested in binary options trading.

Nadex allows a number of different functions and features that people can use. There are options wherein members can log in and place direct orders on the exchange. There is also real time data that streams directly on the platform which is a good feature that you can access. There is no need for any downloads or installations that have to be done in the case of other trading platforms which also makes this a very popular choice among people. There are real time data for all the instruments that are used in trading.

The charts which are available also make this quite a good choice. You can gain access to all the information you desire and you can get information on specific status of the market from one moment to the next. You can also customize the settings to see the personalized data that you want to see from one moment to the next. Specific news related to the market is also available along with free usage of the platform without any additional fees to access the market data. With binary options trading being intraday, the Nadex platform is a popular choice among people.

You can experiment with different kinds of trading and get a free demo account with a minimum capital of just $1000. The Nadex platform allows you to also opt for pending orders with the expectation that it might get filled up at a good price according to your choice. When exercising certain options, you also have the chance to offer/bid spread before the expiration time that is there. You can also set a limit for pending orders in the opposite direction which works like a stop-loss. You can purchase orders at what is an offer price and then sell them at a bid price.


The Nadex trading firm makes a difference in the binary options market as the only company which accepts retail investors as members. The group is supported by the leading financial derivative institution IG Group. Due to its simplified and flexible program, Nadex is a prime vehicle for a successful presence in the binary options environment.

Nadex offers a direct, effective and simplified form of trading to retail investors. The company is loaded with professional experiences that deal with financial situations. One strong factor which keeps the enterprise on top of its game is the total support and backing from IG Group, the leader in financial derivatives.

The article presents the transparency of services offered by Nadex to all financial investors. It reveals the simple perspective of the company on how it invests in a binary options environment. The Chicago-based firm is proud to be identified as the only company which allows retail traders to become members of their investment group. The flexible program of the North American Derivatives Exchange is suitable to the needs of its clients and customers. The financial market is filled with possibilities of strong gains and high profits. Due to this potential, Nadex is looking ahead to a bright future with the successful investments of its investors as their priority. The instruments which are utilized in the financial environment are thoroughly explained and presented to the retail investors in order to allow the clients find their true niche in the monetary world.

The expertise of the financial company to transact in the market gives traders the edge because of the available resources and data that will utilized as the tools and the basis in keeping the trading processes secured and successful. The financial backgrounds of the individuals who are behind the North American Derivatives Exchange are made formidable by the years of working closely with monetary institutions that are making a difference in the investment market. The strong presence and marketability of the group is solidified by its direct market access technology which allows members of the firm to transact into the web without constraints or inhibitions. Investors enjoy the services without worrying about extra fees or hidden payments. Everything is transparent. The trading process is very much open and traders can effectively function in the financial environment by utilizing the charts and data introduced by the company.

The financial group introduces a demo system which is associated with the company’s very own learning center called the Nadex Academy. Simulation transactions can begin with the $25,000-capital from the firm. Market entries are monitored closely so as to give investors and clients the necessary pointers on how to deal with actual situations. Market analyses are shared to boost the capabilities of the traders on how to tackle certain financial loopholes and challenges.

Because of the diversity of its financial instruments, the derivatives exchange company sets an economic calendar which allows investors to review and to adapt by using the services of the firm. Market environments introduce options in selecting stocks, commodities, foreign currencies and binary options for the trader to capitalize when the financial state changes.

Expiry and settlement dates for transactions on the prime market options vary. The details for the trading circuits will be announced by the financial locations separately.


Nadex offers a limited risk environment through its capped investment on various derivatives. It is easy to use and help out investors in learning the various aspects of binary options trading. Investors can test our trading strategies and make the best out of the free demo account provided by the exchange.

North American Derivatives Index or Nadex is a government regulated exchange body of derivatives. It is a subsidiary of IG Group and was formerly known as HedgeStreet. The exchange offers various spreads and binary options which includes commodities, forex pairs, stock indices and economic events with capped risk. It provides a team of experts to help out the traders while investing.

Nadex offers a robust and easy to use trading interface which is equipped with advanced trading features. It offers a demo account for new investors to help them while trading the options. It is a user friendly interface which gives a detailed description about binary options, bull spreads, types of trading and steps on how to join the platform.

The platform does not charge fees for signing up for a new account and uses customizable interface which reflects only the date and functions needed by the investor.

Bull Spread offered by the exchange is a variable payout percentage which allows the traders to earn a short term position on the market direction. It employs a simple process and involves limited risk contracts on various markets by providing floor and ceiling limit to the lowest and the highest points. Traders can browse through the technical details about the contracts in bull spread and also check out the examples listed out on the website.

Nadex offers a brief section on binary options and its contracts which allows the traders to take a quick guide on how to trade the binary options. It also features the general details about the contracts and the expiry time. The step by step examples on binary options are sure to help new traders on choosing the right option.

The exchange provides a wide range of simple derivative contracts like stock index futures, spot forex, commodity futures and economic events. The traders have the advantage to trade directly into the order book based on the underlying asset.

It also provides interactive webinars to help traders in discussing the trading strategies for binaries and bull spreads and a trading video blog, which gives weekly updates on new ideas on how to use the products of the exchange.

The traders are provided a hotline number in regards to any queries on opening an account or trading. They can send a message or request for a call back.

Trading with Nadex entirely depends on the browser and will not need any download or installations to transact. The trader has the flexibility to log in from anywhere and at any time.

The low minimum contract sizes offered by the exchange allows traders to trade on high value commodities like gold and oil, which is highly suitable to any kind of trader.

Nadex offers a low risk environment to traders on various derivatives through a transparent medium. The exclusive products offered by the exchange to its clients are capped to minimize the risk involved. The user friendly interface and a detailed section on how to trade is sure to help out new traders while investing.


Nadex is a Chicago based exchange that offers a wide range of products which include binary options and bull spreads. It offers a reduced risk environment to the traders through the capping. It offers transparency in its products along with a user friendly interface.

Nadex stands for North American Derivatives Index and offers trading on stock indices, forex, commodities and economic events.  It offers a limited risk environment for trading the binary options. It employs the use of an easy to use interface and provides exclusive products to its clients. Binary options and bull spread are the two major trading options offered by the platform.

It offers a user friendly platform which uses the latest technology. The platform projects real time statistics of various trades to help its customers in reviewing their trading history. It is 100% web based and uses a secured connection to transact. The binary options offered by the platform are simple to trade and comes with low risk. Few section of the platform provides the basic information on how to trade and may not be much helpful for experienced traders.

The platform offers an average number of assets for binary options trading. The binary options are intuitive and fast moving, and there is probability of earning high profits in a limited time. The risk involved in trading the binary options is capped, which means the maximum risk is fixed.

The assets are highly flexible as they are based on short duration of time. The assets can expire within an hour, a day or a week.

Nadex offers high returns to its investors by reducing the risk involved. Investors can earn a return of 75% if the trade ends in-the-money, but it does not offer a return for the trades which end out-of-money.

The platform is available in English.

Nadex is free to join by anyone who are a legal citizen of US. The traders are required to hold a valid bank account in U.S.

It charges a fee from the traders for trading the binary options. It is $0.90 per side for contracts between 1 to 10, $0.60 for 11 to 20, $0.40 for 21 to 50 and $0.25 for contracts about 51.

There are no bonuses listed on the website.

The exchange offers deposit and withdrawal through the help of Wire Transfer, ACH and Cheque. For a withdrawal through wire transfer, $25 is charged.

Traders can avail a high quality customer support from the platform through phone, email or call back. The customer support is available on all regular trading hours from Monday to Thursday, except for Sundays. They help their customers by solving their issues and answering their queries. The platform is open for trade from Sunday 6:00 PM ET to Friday 4:15 PM ET.

The platform gives a detailed section regarding the rules to trade, fees structure, list of holidays, daily bulletin and notices, which can be easily accessed by the traders.

The platform allows the trader to change the layout of the platform and the settings can be saved. Trader can view only the important data and functions needed by him.

The trader can test drive the platform through the help of the demo account which allocates $25 as practice funds to trade.

The video blogs and webinars stand as a helpful tool for traders so that they can trade with precision.

Traders can take the help of Nadex Academy to know about binary options and bull spreads offered by the platform. It also provides useful features which discuss the volatility of the binaries and risk/reward program for bull spreads.


Nadex may not have a few features like ‘cash back if not in-the-money’ but it is an authentic platform. The website is more suitable for the experienced investor and definitely not for beginners.

North American Derivatives Exchange, Nadex is a binary options platform that was founded in mid 2010. It is based out of Chicago, USA and the company’s website is now fully functional. Needless to say, the platform is 100% web-based. Trading in this platform is quite simple and one does not need to download any software. As a member of Nadex, you can simply log in and place orders directly into the exchange. All data will be made available to the trader in a web streaming format. Thus, there is no need to repeatedly refresh the data as the data will be automatically updated in real time. As Nadex is a transparent, regulated platform, you can trade with limited risks forex, stocks, commodities and indices.

Nadex’s highly advanced technology helps the investor trade directly into its order book. This optimum user friendly platform helps you place orders smoothly, review your trading history, view real-time prices and manage your account effectively. Even though the website is very informative, it is not perhaps suitable for beginners. Advanced binary options traders however benefit immensely from this platform. They find Nadex real easy to trade in. The assets collection may not be very impressive though a average number of 21 stocks, forex and commodities are available. Actually, it is quite a lot as you are basically trading in a regulated market through an exchange. Weekly, daily and intraday/hourly expiration times are available at Nadex. This is again a good choice if you keep in mind that Nadex is regulated by CFTC.

A basic fee is required if you want to trade binary options in Nadex. Each contract filled costs $1 and it can go up to a maximum of $7 for each order/trade. For every binary contract settled, you will be charged $1. For withdrawals, wire transfer and returned checks cost $25. Customer support is quite commendable. Every query is handled individually via email, phone, call back and fax. The platform is open from 6:00pm ET Sunday through 4:15pm ET Friday. It excludes end of day processing hours occurring from 5pm to 6pm ET, Monday through Thursday. You can expect a return rate of up to 75%. However, there’s no return if you lose. You can deposit the amount with the help of electronic checks, wire transfer and ACH. Nadex exchange traders can have the website only in English language. The site does not mention any bonus offers.

The additional features are quite helpful – Notices, Rules, Daily Bulletin, Hours & Holidays and Fees and Result Tabs. Go to the bottom of the homepage to access them. All information about methods of trading binaries, gold binary contracts, binary contracts and Forex binary options are available in the Binary Options Tab. Sign up for a $25K demo to learn the tricks of the trade. There is also an option of changing layouts as per your needs and preference at Nadex. Save the layouts to avoid changing layouts each time you log in. You can also monitor trade with high-class real time charts.

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